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Videostripe - Free Trial - Paypal payments accepted

More in: Software | Added on 19-Mar-2015

Videostripe allows users to watch High quality movies all in HD. Users get access to all their favorite movies without ANY limits. This version of the campaign allows users to pay via Paypal.


More in: Software | Added on 13-Jan-2015

Users can find simple cloud storage for their documents, photos, music and more. Backup your computer, backup your life! Offer is for Mac users only.

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Adobe Flash Player - Download (US)

More in: Software | Added on 08-Jan-2015

Adobe Flash Player is a free software for viewing multimedia and streaming video and audio content created on the Adobe Flash platform. Users can play animations and video files, play online games, view business presentations and more when they have Adobe Flash installed! Many websites use Flash, so Adobe Flash Player is one of the most important plug-ins for majority of Internet browsers. - Sale

More in: Software, Hot Offers, Computers | Added on 23-Dec-2014

Don't Lose Your Digital Life!

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FilesFetcher - Free Trial

More in: Software, Trial Offers | Added on 29-Nov-2014

Users can download this professional search engine for any type of desired files, which includes Ebooks, Music, Videos and Movies. This is a free trial of 1 week completely ad free!

Phoxo for Image Editing - Free Software

More in: Graphics & Backgrounds, Software | Added on 31-May-2011

Do you love to edit your pictures to make them better? There are countless image editing software available out in the market, but only Phoxo allows you to get the kind of results that you want. The software is available for free and therefore you can download it on your desktop or laptop and see if you can create something new out of your creativity. The software is really fast and sleek and it can give your pictures a new meaning with great special effects and all that for free.

Report a Broken Link / Recommend to Friend / - Countries: International lets people download freebies. Among their various freebies, a very interesting freebie is called WebShot. This freebie allows the user to take screencshots of web pages and then save them as thumbnails or even as full sized images. These screenshot images can be converted into output in the PNG, JPG, BMP, or GIF formats. This freebie has a version that comes with a demo of the command line interface. This command line interface can be bought by the user and can be used in order to streamline the screenshot process on the whole websites. - Photo Editing Freebies

More in: Software, Graphics & Backgrounds | Added on 27-Aug-2010

Offers photo editing freebies which are very simple and powerful at the same time. This freebie was previously known as Fauxto. This freebie has features that not only benefit the professionals, but also the novices and the amateurs. It not only an easy to use freebie it works in real-time and allows you to edit many images at the same time. This freebie runs in all the browsers, without creating any problem. It has its own file format, enabling the user to save their work that is in progress. The Place to Get All Your Helpful Downloads

More in: Software | Added on 17-Feb-2010

Free Software is indeed the place to hang out in cyber space if you are looking for interesting audio and multimedia download that will help you build your website. There are strategic desktop as well as developmental and even educational software items that bring some creative changes and new exposures that can be used to bring greater vibration to your site. There are widespread web gallery builder tools, website popularity and password recovery tools set up and updated in this site. - Download Softwares for Free

More in: Software | Added on 16-Sep-2009

Find your favorite software and download them for free with the best of PC defenders and protective data downloads. You can get several spyware removal items with Microsoft AntiSpyware, Ad Aware, SpyBot, Spyware Killer, Spyware Doctor, Spyware Interrogator, Spyware Cops, Spyware Vanisher, etc. All these can be downloaded for free and you can utilize them for the highest protection of your computer. Free anti-virus downloads are some of the greatest tools that you can use to make the best of tools for PC protection.

Thumb Studio Free

More in: Software | Added on 26-Aug-2009

The website offers one of the simplest software for creating photo albums. The software once downloaded will helps create and customize photos. The software is great for web designers who need slideshows and such for their designs of websites. The site generously offers a free version of the software as well which can be downloaded. The free version can later be upgraded.

R-Firewall - Protect your PC!

More in: Software | Added on 09-Jul-2009

This freebie is designed to protect your computer from all the unwanted attacks that can put your data at risk. It is called R-Firewall and is as effective as any of the firewalls that you might have to shell out cash for, in the market. It protects your computer from threats like trojans, spyware and other security threats. So here is one useful freebie that does the job of protection for free!

Spoilt for choice!

More in: Software | Added on 09-Jul-2009

Bradbury Software is the reason why you have such easy access to your RSS feeds and can read them as easily as you access your email. Yes, I am talking about that extremely useful software called FeedDemon which you must surely have installed on your computer. Then there is TopStyle. This software has many tools using which you can build standards compliant websites. These are all freebies. For more information on this useful freebie, check out

Print just whatever you like!

More in: Software | Added on 07-Jul-2009

How many times have you taken printouts of web pages which you have required, just to see that all the necessary bits are obscured by advertisements and other blurbs which you could do without? It happens to all of us and luckily, it just so happens that there is a nice freebie that is here to clean out all your printouts and let you format a web page within seconds so that you can print out what you like. This freebie comes with the free access at

TeamViewer - Free Remote Access

More in: Software | Added on 07-Jul-2009

Do you want to control or establish connections with other computers and servers in whichever location you want to? If you are, then TeamViewer should be a-dream-come-true for you. It is very reliable since more than 15,000,000 people all over the world vouch by it! This freebie is definitely one to grab at the first opportunity available! You can do whatever you want to with the software, from sharing your files, chatting and other applications and that too for free! This is the best freebie you can avail of right now!


More in: Software | Added on 22-Jun-2009

If you want to get access to the latest version of your files from some other computer, you can easily do so with a folder (dropbox) that is available on this site for free. All your other computers are automatically updated if you edit some existing file or add some new file in Dropbox. So, it’s quite easy for you to share your stuff with your friends, family and colleagues quite easily.

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