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Qualities of a good pocket knife sharpener

More in: Free Food | Added on 06-Aug-2015

Every chef or cook, in both commercial and residential places, always prefers having the best pocket knife sharpener alongside during his daily activities. A blunt or dull knife in the kitchen is always a disaster to one who is preparing a meal in the kitchen. This is because one will be required to apply a lot of pressure to have things that they want cut, exposing one to the danger of slipping and cutting oneself in the process. This also leads to wastage of time as it takes longer to complete a small task. Types of pocket knife sharpeners Sharpening stones; are rectangular in shape. They are small in size and hence, are easily portable. They have two surfaces i.e. a coarse grit side that is rough and a fine grit side that is smooth. Sharpening rods; are made of steel and as the name suggests they are rod shaped. They have both a fine side and a rough side usually around 10-12 cms long. These are preferred by game hunters and people who do fishing. Pull through sharpening models; they are made of ceramic rods, are set at angles and fit into a base.  They are easier to use and can be used in both straight and serrated blades and work better on short knives. They are a bit expensive but save lots of time and are energy saving too. A slotted system sharpener; is a manual system that uses metal strips laced together that act as wheels or fingers. These form a v shape through which the knife is drawn, but it’s only used in straight blades. The qualities include; Portability; they should be small in size compared with electric sharpening machines. They can be carried to any place with great ease, hence allowing regular sharpening when the need arises. They are also ideal during outdoor activities, such as, hunting and fishing as they can easily fit in the pocket or bag. Easy holding; since they are small, they can easily be used in the kitchen for quick sharpening and thus, storage is also easy. Durability; most of them are usually made from diamond and ceramic rods, thus providing them with long durability and required quality Safety; this is highly regarded to avoid instances of injury. The type of safety measure to be used depends on the type of sharpener one is using. It is advisable to use the one that has a plastic handle for proper grasping of the sharpening tool. It is also advisable to wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles for the eyes to prevent the tiny metal particles from entering the eye. Easy to use; the use of such an appliance should be easy and one should not have to struggle while using it. One should be able to use it with one hand with a flat base for stability. Broad base; this allows the sharpener to sit well on the surface. This offers a provision of stability required during the whole process. This reduces chances of the sharpener slipping from the surface to cause unnecessary injuries.

Get Awesome Free Prizes for Sharing your Sausage Recipe

More in: Groceries and Recipes, Free Food, Competitions and Prizes | Added on 19-Jan-2015

Have you got an awesome recipe for preparing sausages that is creative and original? Well, share that recipe with Premio for winter sausage competition to win great prizes including free Premio Sausage supply for a year, T-shirts and Kitchenware. Simply logon to Fill in the form and give your recipe details OR upload text file containing the recipe. (US only)

Disney Cakes & Sweets

More in: Free Food, Groceries and Recipes | Added on 14-Jan-2015

Users can sign up to get a FREE Disney Cakes & Sweets Welcome Package! Magical Recipes to Make at Home!

Amazing Free rewards from El Pollo Loco- Home of freshly prepared delicious food

More in: Free Food Samples, Free Food | Added on 13-Jan-2015

Sign up for free at El Pollo Loco website and reap rich rewards. Get a chance to interact with a vast community, pass on your opinion to El Pollo Loco about their products, be the first in line to learn about hot new menu items and lastly get a secret birthday reward! Complete a short registration form to enroll for free.

Become a member of Country Kitchen restaurants E-club and win $1000 free

More in: Groceries and Recipes, Free Food, Free Cash | Added on 13-Jan-2015

Country Kitchen club home to delicious and exciting flavors offer a chance to win $1000 for free without making any purchases. Simply login to and fill in a simple form with relevant details. As an added bonus you’ll also receive exclusive offers, exciting news and recipes all bundled in one email.

Living Green Supremefood

More in: Diet, Health & Fitness, Free Food | Added on 09-Jan-2015

This powder will improve your energy, boost your immune system, and detoxify your body of unwanted toxins.

Free Bowling with Tony’s Pizza

More in: Free Food | Added on 20-Dec-2009

Tony’s products have been on demand since their début by the Schwan Food Company. To complement and enrich the experience of customers and patrons, they have introduced the free bowling with Tony’s Pizza and this has become the talk of frequent visitors here. At Tony’s, pizza has never tasted any better and with a bowling game to complement, you don’t want to be anywhere else. The bowling game attracts lots of different people in the community. Most enthusiastic about it are the young people especially during the holiday seasons.

T.G.I. Friday's Restaurants in 'WOODY'

More in: Free Food | Added on 18-Sep-2009

Yes, you read it right! T.G.I. Friday’s restaurants introduce its self proclaimed #1 fan, “Woody” and if you sign up under Woody’s Facebook account and help him have one million T.G.I. fans then you are in for some great stroke of luck. You will be able to receive T.G.I. Friday’s special Jack Daniel’s burger or chicken sandwich absolutely free.

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