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Tips to save money on your favorite beauty products


Beauty products such as shampoo, conditioner, skin care products and makeup have today become an essential part of most women’s budgets. Unfortunately, these products can also cost quite a pretty penny, so it is important to know how you can go about saving money when making these purchases. There are a number of tips that can help in this respect.

Take advantage of special offers at beauty supply stores

You can find great deals at your local beauty store such as makeup lines or skin care products sold at discounted prices. And this is not necessary during sales either. All you need to do is to request to be added to their mailing list after you make a purchase, and they will regularly inform you of upcoming special deals.

Shop at drugstores rather than at department stores

Many women don’t know this, but beauty products are made with essentially the same type of products. Thus, the only thing that differentiates an expensive product from a cheaper one is simply branding and marketing. As such, it is very possible to find a drugstore version of a face cream which is actually less irritating and works better than its more expensive department store counterpart. Once you realize this, you can significantly slash your beauty product budget by opting to make most of your purchases at drugstores.

Dollar stores offer even greater savings

Even cheaper than drugstores are dollar stores, where you can find beauty items of decent quality at incredibly cheap prices. Dollar stores are particularly good places to shop for things that you use often such as cotton swabs, bobby pins, scrunchies and makeup applicators. You are very likely to find respectable makeup brands stocked there at bargain prices. Once you make dollar stores part of your beauty shopping routine, you will be pleasantly surprised at the huge savings you will start to make.

Take advantage of online deals

You would be surprised at the large number and variety of special deals you can get in an online store for beauty products that you can get anywhere. A number of websites allow you to sign up and get free samples of some of your favorite beauty products. Usually, they will offer you this free sample once you make a purchase on the site, but at the end of the day, it is still a saving for you because you do not have to purchase it at the store. Other websites provide you with coupons, local ads and promo codes that allow you to save money when you purchase the beauty products.

Sign up for beauty rewards cards

Many beauty product stores have a rewards card scheme that allows you to accumulate points on the card with every purchase made. Once the points reach a certain level, you can redeem them against beauty care products such as moisturizer, shampoo or even limited edition products. Other stores even give you back money once you spend a certain amount on products from their store. These rewards card schemes are available whether you shop at the drugstore, department store or online, making it very convenient for you to sign up for this money-saving scheme.

Do your research before buying and seek out free samples

It is possible, and indeed very important, to research beauty products before purchasing them. There are many websites on the internet that provide useful beauty product reviews that are based on published research, on the product’s ingredient lists, or on comparisons to similar products. Just on the basis of these reviews, you can know whether the product is of good enough quality or not suitable for you to risk making a purchase. You can also take advantage of free samples at some beauty stores or at your local spa to help you decide whether a particular product is right for you before you buy. Finally, after a purchase, you should not feel stuck with a product if you do not like it, since many drugstores and online retailers now have more relaxed returns policies for their beauty products.

Buying beauty products no longer has to be a costly affair if you follow the above money-saving tips. The key is to look for special deals wherever they are to be found, whether online or at the physical stores themselves. You should also discard traditional notions that more expensive automatically equals higher quality, especially when it comes to beauty products. In so doing, buying your beauty products will go back to being a beautiful experience.

Added On: 2015-04-24
Categories: Health & Fitness

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